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Our Mission

Pariah Theatre Company is committed to finding marginalized voices and bringing them to the theatre. With each show we produce we aim to use theatre as a platform to raise public awareness, provoke dialogue, and motivate people to instigate change regarding issues related to social justice, human rights, and issues of disparity among diverse groups living within our society. By producing historic, contemporary, and original works that explore these themes, we strive to highlight the lesser-heard stories around us, bring them to new places, and perform them in new and unexpected ways. If you are a local playwright with a story that needs to be heard, please contact us at

Our Team

Tara Brooke Watkins, President of Pariah Theatre Company, Producer/Director, Story Circle Facilitator, is a theatre director, instructor, and playwright. She holds a BA in Communication Arts from Eastern Nazarene College (ENC), an MA in Theatre Education from Emerson College, and is a PhD candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies at Tufts University. Her dissertation research focuses on the impact of ethnographic theatre in response to cultural trauma and untold histories. She looks at the impact of the 1921 Black Wall Street Massacre on current North Tulsa residents as her case study. Her play, "Tulsa ’21", based on her research and residents’ true stories will premiere in Tulsa this June. She is the business owner of South Shore School of Theatre a theatre school for students ages 7-19 in Quincy, MA and board president of Pariah Theatre Company whose purpose is to present lesser heard voices in lesser seen ways. Tara’s focus in her scholarship and on stage is theatre for social justice. She practices story circle drama therapy to heal as well as foster environments in which participants can feel empowered to share their stories. Her most recent ethnographic play The Bible Women's Project was an official selection of the New York International Fringe Festival 2016 and is presently on tour throughout New England. She teaches at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) where she is currently implementing a theatre for social justice major.

Michael-John Amaral, Vice President of Pariah Theatre Company, Producer/Director, Fundraising & Administration is an Educator, performer, musician and performing artist. His training studying at Westfield State, Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) , (BA), and Gordon College, (MM, Ed.) is paired with notable extensive experience. As an active member in the music, theatre, and creative arts & education in Greater Boston, he works in the public schools K-12 as a music and movement teacher and curriculum consultant. He continues to work with educational institutions across New England as a professor, clinician, and guest lecturer facilitating classes, ensembles, and workshops with the youngest students to seasoned adults. He has a vested philosophy in education that fuels his passion for sharing the creative arts with people of all ages and levels to show the power of the arts to transform the world around us and the people in it. He is excited to continue his focus of LGBTQ+ issues in the performing arts in educational settings and religious contexts through his work with Pariah Theatre Company In addition to ongoing and continued contributions to research in the fields of music and education.

Allison Nicole Tucker, Secretary, Producer Director, Technical Director,  sits on the board of Pariah Theatre Company as the Secretary. She is also the Lead Instructor at South Shore School of Theatre. She is a graduate of Eastern Nazarene College and Emerson College where she received her MA in Theatre Education. She is currently working toward her PhD in Education at Lesley University. Allison has been teaching at SSST since 2012. In addition to directing the teen program at SSST she is a set designer and oversees technical training for students. Allison has also been teaching at The Woodward School for Girls and Eastern Nazarene College since 2016. Allison has acted in several shows in the Boston area including The Bible Women’s Project, ....Or Dreaming, The Bacchae, The Importance of Being Earnest, and The Yellow Wallpaper.

Bruce Kaye, Executive Board Member, Treasurer,  Administration & Management, Holds a BA in Acting from Boston University. Bruce co-founded Pariah Theatre Company with Tara Brooke Watkins. He serves as Treasurer and occasional actor. Social justice issues he is concerned with: animal rights and environmentalism.  


June Handy, Producer/Director, Community Outreach, Drama Therapy,  was born and raised in Roxbury MA. She revived her BFA in theater in 2008 and Her MA in mental health counseling  specializing in Drama Therapy in 2016. June is currently employed at Boston Public Schools. June believes in the importance of representation for young children of color this is why she works and lives in the same community as her students. June is passionate about theatre and raising awareness about mental health in the African American community. She wants to use theatre as a tool to evoke conversations on race, women’s issues, and poverty.  June is currently producing Lesser Heard Voices Festival.

Hillary Sunberg, Producer Director, Process Drama, Dramaturgy, Events & Fundraising,   is a dramaturg, educator, performer, and event manager. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts and a BA in Literatures in English from Eastern Nazarene College (’15), and is in the process of completing her MA in Theatre Education at Emerson College. Her love for mixing children’s literature with theatre education has led to a strong commitment to creating innovative and inclusive educational experiences for children and youth. She is currently working on her master’s thesis- a project that utilizes drama as education curriculum within a museum setting. Her experience in the customer service and event management industries enables her to craft fun and unique arts-centered parties, programs, and other events. While she is interested in fighting on behalf of many social justice issues, her involvement as an original cast member in The Bible Women’s Project has led her to feel especially passionate about strengthening the female voice in society for girls and women of all ages. She is excited to further use her gifts and talents to open up as many minds and hearts as possible to the untold and undervalued stories that surround us all.


Fanni Horvath Board Member, Production & Stage Management,  Holds her  BA in Theatre Arts from Eastern Nazarene College. As technical director, she oversees the care, set-up, execution and transportation of all technical equipment including sound boards, mics, lights, sets, etc. She cares deeply about theatre and its power to change lives and volunteers her time as stage manager, lighting designer, and technician for our various productions. Social justice issues she is most concerned with: immigration, LGBTQ rights, and mental health.

Evan Detwiler, Board Member, Director/Producer, Documentary & Verbatim Theatre, Has a BA in Theatre Arts from Eastern Nazarene College. Producer, director, and actor, he seeks to bring stories to life about cultures other than his own, as a way of learning himself and helping others learn as well. Current projects include Aftermath. Social justice issues he is most concerned with: religious equality, immigration, mental health, homelessness.

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